Extra Human Function

by EHF

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A collection of songs composed 2011-2014


released November 9, 2015



all rights reserved


EHF Chicago, Illinois

Brand new band from Chicago IL, featuring the innovative songwriting and programming of producer/vocalist Alex Rowney.

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Track Name: Kilimanjaro
up the winding trail
to the top of the peak
what is behind the veil
of the ice and sleet
I dreamed I'd never fail
that love would prevail
a ripple in the wave
I can feel it in my feet now
turning loose

when you realize your self
is like a wave
a rhythm in the water
an icicle hanging off the ledge

why won't everyone sway to the lifeline beat

i am the mountain climb
i am the end of time
this is the final trial
every moment in this life
can't turn back time
Track Name: The Aviator
a little boy dreams
slumbers quietly
he's dreaming of the sky
colors, clouds, fighters, dives

the aviator
flies up above
will he come crashing down
is there a way to escape it or marvel at
the aviator?

the politician
signs his decrees
a war is on the horizon
is there a way to escape him or marvel at
the aviator?
Track Name: You Know
you know they'll always follow you
Track Name: TTT
everybody's so busy
their hands up in a tizzy
they wanna feed a grizzly
my head is getting dizzy
I can't see a reason
don't mean the criticism
to create a division
in the age of indecision
bodies in barrels getting
covered up in acid
and momma's in the kitchen
complaining bout the mortgage
can't stomach all the lies and deception
people think is their religion
it ain't a good decision, no

take the time to let yourself come down
Track Name: Androidgynous
a surge of electricity
is all she needs to see
he says through the veil of sleep
she doesn't want to be awake
she never knew what to say

i want nothing
and i want no one

your the demon in distress
I'm a damsel in a dress
with all this violence
we're actually playing
a game of ashes and dust to dust
I played the fool and I don't know what to say

to you
oh what could it be
what you've done to me

she want to know if you're real
she wants to know and yearn and feel
I'm just an ashtray for her cigarette
all of my dreams are becoming regrets
It's what I do when I forget what to say
Track Name: Big Decisions
she said she needs a friend
the memories will always end
Track Name: Sumdaze Cumdaze
fap fap fap fap fap
Track Name: Qu'est-ce Que C'est
qu'est-ce que c'est?
ooh la la...
so sexy...
ooh la la...

qu'est-ce que vous voulez?
voulez vous?
Track Name: Bones
into my bones I am following you
sex is like my sinking marrows
into my bones I am following you

I turned away
an old effect
I turned away
I tried to break it
I turned away
It's like a dream
I turned away
Track Name: Vespertine
just as a flower breathes another breath
in the cold midnight carbon dioxide
silently making sounds
my eardrum rings to a different drum
a heartbeat
your heartbeat

Track Name: Wilderness
our life on mars
we'll can in jars
tarnished liars
saturn fires
a distant star
nearer than we think we are
stare a million miles
tire a billion trials
Track Name: Soulspeak